Monday, April 28

Seamus - 6 weeks

And this time, the fam got to visit!

At one point, there were 14 puppies out & about!!!

Me and "Yellow", the most energetic of the boys (so obviously my favorite)

Dad and our #1 choice. Could this be the future Henry???

Too cute!!!

Friday, April 25

This week in review - according to the alphabet

A: AWESOME (best word to sum up the week)
B: Bowling (spent 2 hours attempting to do this Tuesday afternoon)
C: Curve (which landed me a final test grade 2 letters higher than the one I actually earned.)
D: Death (laughter almost caused mine after a 2 hour work lunch on Thursday)
E: Esther (my character’s name in the first “big church” skit I was in)
F: Fajitas (eaten for Wednesday night’s dinner)
G: Guitar Hero (scheduled to be played Friday evening)
H: Henry gets a visit from his future family (we’re visiting our puppy on Sunday!)
I: Intense bridal shower planning (ok, not really, this one is more sarcasm)
J: hmmmm, I really can't think of any word beginning with J that was involved in my week. . .I'll have to come up with something. . . .hmmmmmm
K: Ken Kesey’s play, “Sometimes A Great Notion” (ushering tonight at the PCS)
M: Marie Callendar lunch (in which I almost died from suffocation from laughing too hard for too long)
N: New shoes (“aced” a test & got into nursing school. I totally deserve them.)
O: “ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod” (reaction of seeing a while oversize envelope in the mailbox with Pioneer Tower in the return address label)
P: Pop Rocks (intense, sour Pop Rocks no less, consumed in large quantities during bowling)
Q: Question: which bear is best? (line from one of the funniest office scenes to make up for the not-so-funny episode this week.)
R: Rolling Hills Community Church welcomes Joel Rosenburg
S: Sixteen & Starbucks (number of miles to be run on Saturday morning followed by coffee with a best friend)
T: Tulips (lucky recipient of TWO “Henry flowers” – not to be confused with Henry my future dog & on AP Day)
U: Urinary system (topic of Friday’s lab)
V: VERY, very happy. (my demeanor this week)
W: Work holiday: Administrative Professionals Day (secretaries rock!)
X: Xerox (what I used to make color copies of my Linfield letter)
Y: “Yes” (newly acquired buzz word)
Z: Zero. (my home page at work)

Thursday, April 24

I'M A WILDCAT!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, April 23

The Music of the Night

Last night's theme of American Idol was "Andrew Lloyd Webber". Or as I refer to it, "Let's sing some of the greatest, most emotionally packed songs ever written" night. There is a special place in my heart for ALW squeezed between salad dressing and the Bronte sister novels: things that were good the first time you encountered them but that I've grown to love the more and more I'm exposed to them.

The one reason I highly enjoy ALW is because he is the creative genius behind The Best Musical of All Time: The Phantom of the Opera. If you have never experienced The Phantom live and in person, you are missing out on a highlight of your life. I don't care if you hate "the arts" or if you've never been to a Broadway play, I promise you that it is impossible to walk away from this beautiful, action-packed, tense, thriller of an evening. I've been lucky enough to see Phantom 3 times. The first was in middle school. . .

My best friends were twins, Jennifer and Jessica, and their mom scored tickets to Phantom and somehow I was invited along. I remember wearing what would be considered a "Sunday best" dress and being so excited because I was heading off to that huge, thriving metropolis far, far away: Portland. Downtown is like a whole other world when you're a kid. The buildings are taller. There are more people out walking and everyone is all dressed up. We ate dinner at that huge restaurant on the corner of the waterfront (the name is escaping me right now. Note to self to do a Google check later.) You know, the one that's right across from the floating restaurant formally known as Newport Bay? We sat at a huge round table and you will never believe what was waiting for us on the table: cloth napkins! Cloth! As a middle schooler, how many times have you been to a restaurant with cloth napkins? Almost never! But it got even better. I was given the green light by my hostess to order my first Shirley Temple. A Shirley Temple! You mean like that little girl in the movie "Heidi"? I don't even know what's in it, but yeah, sign me up! What's that you say? It comes with a cherry in it? This is the greatest night EVER!

Civic Auditorium was, in keeping with the theme of the night, huge. Look at all the pretty people. They must all meet here and then disperse throughout the city. Now, being less than 13 years old, I had no clue what the story was about, what the songs sounded like or that this wasn't really an opera but instead was a play with the word "Opera" in the title with people singing opera in it. If you've never heard the opening song of Phantom, don't. Let the first time you hear it be when you are sitting in your seat because when it starts, your seat will start to move with the first note. It's the most haunting one note you've ever heard (which means the piano player has most of his fingers on the black keys.)

I tried really hard to follow the plot line and although I'm sure I missed out on a lot, I did get the gist of it. (Kind of like if I was to pick up and read a Shakespeare play right now.) There's a pretty girl. And a handsome guy. And a ghost guy. Pretty Girl and Handsome Guy are in love but Ghost Guy loves Pretty Girl and wants her all to himself. Oh, and there's 2 old, funny Parisian guys that run the place and a diva who thinks that she runs the place. I fell for the Ghost Guy because I felt so sorry for him. It wasn't his fault he was disfigured. It wasn't his fault he was a better singer than anyone actually working at the opera house. It wasn't his fault he fell in love with Pretty Girl. I kept wanting Pretty Girl to stay with him. Handsome Guy just seemed so typical. Plus, he Parisian which automatically means he's skinnier than her, smokes and isn't showering everyday. So I was squarely in The Phantom's court.

But Laura, he killed people to show how serious he was.
Yeah, but he could sing!

But Laura, he kidnapped her.
Yeah, but he could play the piano!

But Laura, he held her hostage down in his lair beneath the Paris Opera house.
Yeah, but he could sing to her!

But Laura, he made her choose between her and Handsome Guy’s life.
Hello! Did you not hear me before? He could serenade her while playing an instrument!

OK, so I’m a sucker for this stuff. I may have an excess of a gene. Since my love-for-the-TV-show-CSI gene does not exist perhaps it mutated to an extra sucker-for-sappiness gene. But really, who doesn’t want to be awakened by pebbles being thrown at their window. Heck, even if you have no musical ability whatsoever, pick up some batteries, throw them in your boom box and just hold it up above your head a la John Cusak.

But please, there’s no need to drag me into the sewer afterward.

Tuesday, April 22

Seamus - 5 weeks

I found out tonight that little Seamus O'Malley McGillicuddy will be coming home May 9 or 10.
I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! I'm totally going to teach this one to play dead when I yell, "Bang!"
Now these guys actually look like puppies. . .

Monday, April 21

Assistant to a Star

My boss is famous! Check this out from last night's Andy Rooney segment on "60 Minutes". Oh, and for the record, this was forwarded to me from someone else. I don't make it a point to watching Andy Rooney's weekly commentaries or '60 Minutes' in general. Just wanted to clear that up.

Aaron on 60 Minutes

Minute 1:50 - He's the first green shirt on left, and then he's behind the other guy in the green shirt.

Sunday, April 20

Happy Sunday!

"I'm not quite sure
As to what is going down
But I'm feelin' Hunkey Dory'
Bout this thing that I found [yeah]"
~ Heavy D & The Boyz

Saturday, April 19

It's that time again

If anyone needs me today, here's where you can find me:

7:30-9:30am ~ my room. I'll be reviewing Immunity
10am-5pm ~ Tigard Library. I'll be learning about the digestive system.
5:30pm ~ L.O. I'll be running like there's no tomorrow getting the heeby-jeebies out of my legs. (anyone know if I spelled that right?)
7pm-whenever I fall asleep ~ my loft. I'll be finishing the Immunity review. Oh, and trying not to go crazy.

If anyone needs me tomorrow morning, well you can find me in a skit in Big Church! That's right people - I've hit the big time. Granted I have 2 lines (which is 2 more than anyone else) and I have to play the straight man, but that's OK. I'll take it!!!

Friday, April 18

I love The Office!

These scenes made me scream last night. Twice. Or as my boss puts it: not so much a scream as it probably was a girlish squeal.

Sure fire sign you are in dire need of more sleep than you're getting. . .

You stare at your hot plate for a full 5 minutes wondering why in the heck the water holding your test tubes aren't boiling when you realize you've turned it on but haven't plugged it in.

But it's all worth it as I maintained my title of "Queen of Cram" this morning.

Thursday, April 17

Seamus - 4 weeks

4 weeks down. . .4 to go!!!


A couple weeks ago our group at work decided we should all answer the question, "when was the last time you did something for the first time?" Unfortunately, I couldn't think of a single thing! Which really bummed me out. I'm exciting. I love new things. Well finally I can answer that question. Here are just some of my firsts from last night:

*eating asparagus
*eating butternut squash (in the non-french fry version)
*driving a stick shift vehicle
*off-roading in a hay field within city limits
*caring less about my test on Monday

Tuesday, April 15


OK, maybe it's just me, but I was under the impression that libraries were supposed to be quiet.

Then again, maybe I shouldn't expect anything less on Tax Day. seriously people, you knew for a year this day was coming. Why did you decide to wait until 6pm on April 15th to start your taxes??

Monday, April 14

The Final Countdown

T-minus 10 days. . .

Saturday, April 12


Thank you American Idol! Not only for making this your finale on Wednesday but correcting the words and singing it again on Thursday!!

PS David Cook is awesome too.

Thursday, April 10

April's Theme

You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part

The mailman needs to send me an 8 1/2 x 11 envelope (actually more than one would be nice), my puppy needs to get bigger, I need pictures from Shanghai, my phone needs to ring and the government needs to wire me money!

Wednesday, April 9

The L.O. experience

Stereotypes are just that - types of stereos. Actually they're an exaggeration of a characteristic that has some basis of truth (no matter how small.) I try my best not to stereotype: like the McMinnville "townies" (because us Linfield kids were just so much better), people in Alabama, even blondes.

I have lived on the other side of the tracks (a track called I-5) from Lake Oswego my entire life. I played against them in sports growing up and even lived there myself for awhile. So I know about the demographics. Heck, you can just drive through, notice all the imported non-Japanese cars and realize people here are wealthier than the other side of I-5. I try not to stereotype but it's really hard when I have experiences like yesterday.

I had some housesitting $$ that I wanted use so I thought it would be fun to get a mani/pedi from my usual L.O. spa. So there I am, in the middle of 2 Lake Oswegites, both who just reinforced stereotypes for me. . .

To my left, a high schooler. Tall, waify, bleach blonde. She was sporting a shirt from a store I hate (hint: the abbreviation has 2 letters and is rediculously expensive and CK cutoff jean shorts that were fraying and had holes (although I'm betting she bought them like that and hasn't actually had them for 2 year.) And on her lap was a "dog". I use quotes because it was under 5 pounds, which doesn't constitute a dog in my dictionary. It was a white fru-fru thing and was ironically named, "Kujo." Ahhhh, how cute. Accessories included a purse that was too small to fit her phone in & a jeweled phone cover.

To my right, a business women. Tall (but that could be due to the 6 inch pumps) in a very nice black suit with a black blouse. She was either on her PDA the entire time or talking on the phone. Apparently her son, Connor, is an excellant lacrosse player and her husband has received many compliments on his coaching abilities from other parents. She also has another son Jack, but from what I gathered, he either doesn't like lacrosse or isn't old enough to play yet. And something needed to be sent to someone the very next morning at work.

And then there's me. Sporting my Gap outlet jeans, hand-me-down Old Navy sweater and size-to-small-but-that's-OK-because-they're-cute-and-the-last-ones-here Target shoes. Luckily the ghetto of Tigard is just a hop, skip & a jump away where I'll be the best dressed chick in the neighborhood!

Tuesday, April 8

It really does happen in real life - not just in the movies

And to top off the evening yesterday, the freaking bag of pretzels (dinner) I bought in the vending machine at 9:15pm after class actually got stuck in the vending machine!!! The little curly-Q wire didn't rotate enough around, thus leaving my dinner hanging from the F0 location.

Monday, April 7

Seamus - 3 weeks

Our little Seamus (SHAY-mus) O'Malley (he was born on St. Patrick's Day) is somewhere in this photo. He's 3 weeks old today! 5 more weeks until one of these lucky guys becomes a Worzniak.


4 of the 5 Condiment Crew members are now 28!

Seriously guys. . .we need t-shirts. . .


Tuesday, April 1

Well now that's a pleasant thought

Pardon the melodrama BUT. . .

One piece of mail I will receive in the next 30 days will determine my life for the next 2 years.

Good times!

On a lighter note, check out my new favorite website: