Monday, March 31

Holy Shnikes!

And on a unrelated note and complete turn of events I have now decided that I love my A&P teacher and so much is this mutual admiration of each other that I'm going to spend at least one hour each morning with him going over any little question I may have.

(No sarcasm ladies & gentlemen. This is for real. I was actually caught so off guard by my change in opinion, that I spent the entire 10 minutes it takes to walk from class to the computer lab with a red flushed face and muttering nothing else but "Holy Sh*t" over and over and over.)


I've now been in the computer lab for 14 minutes. My cheeks are still warm (so I'm assuming they're still red), I have no saliva and at least now I've resorted to just muttering "oh my god" over and over.

Treehouse quote of the week

E-podder: Do you prefer humans or aliens?
Teacher Laura: For what?
E-podder: For anything!

Sunday, March 16

Well, duh!!!

Entertainment Weekly - the biggest ranker & list-maker of all things entertainment - has just confirmed what I have known my entire life: The Wizard of Oz is the best movie for kids!!!! Please. I could have told you that when I was 4. Or was it 3? I forget just when the obsession began. And yes, it really was an obsession. There was one winter day that I went out to play in the snow in my "Dorothy dress", which wasn't exactly blue & white gingham but more like green courdory with a pocket in the middle of the chest. Yes I had a basket, and a dog and the whole movie on casette tape to which I could - and did - recite the ENTIRE MOVIE. And not just recite, but did I mention I acted the whole thing out too? (I didn't get my sparkling ruby red slippers though until high school.) I feel sorry that my parents had to listen to it every. single. day. But on the other hand, where is a 5-year-old getting her costume, accessories & copy of the movie? That right. Her parents. So you could say that they enabled, fed & encouraged my addiction.

And I'm proud to say that even if I was to sit down & watch it today, I would still cry when Judy Garland sings "Over the Rainbow", and speaks her parting words to the Scarecrow ("I think I'll miss you most of all." Oh! It's even worse than saying good-bye!), remain silent when she steps out of the wind-blown farmhouse into Munchkinland & laugh when Bert Lahr declares himself "King of the Forest" even though he self-admittedly is afraid of everything and has no clue how to be King.

I'll save my Return to Oz obsession for another post. (The original WoZ convinced me there WAS an Oz. RtO convinced me I could actually get there. No wonder my parents were genuinely worried about me.)

THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939) A gingham-sporting Kansas girl is dreamily transported from her home on the range to a Technicolor wonderland, where she befriends a scarecrow, a tin man, and a lion. There, she learns about self-sufficiency, capitalism, and how to kill bad witches. More importantly, hilarious little munchkins abound!

Monday, March 10

And in conclusion. . .

. . .I want to live on Lake Oswego when I grow up.

Hey, you spend a warm, sunny day in the backyard (which looks amazing thanks to Juan's visits on Saturdays), lakeside, and run 10 miles around it and then NOT tell me you wouldn't want to live there too.

Friday, March 7

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery

In part 7,309 in our series on: rip-offs of an innovative Nike product but still not quite as good as "ours", I give you MiCoach.

Want the real deal? Head over to

Tuesday, March 4

Good Night

I used to think tuna was the worst smell I could encounter in the morning.

I was wrong.

Fancy Feast cat food is the worst smell I could encounter in the morning. And more specifically: Fancy Beef Feast.

Sunday, March 2

ONCE: Falling Slowly

The Guy and his guitar.
The Girl and her piano.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, go out and buy it NOW!!! This song is so amazing that it's worth sitting in your car in the garage and listening to it when it comes on the radio after you get home.

Saturday, March 1

Signs You're On a Bad First Date

* It's so early, you don't have to change your alarm from the work week.
* The intended location: Starbucks. The actual location: a bench. in a food court. that isn't even open yet.
* At minute 37 the date declares that it's "about time to head back to our cars." Immediately following that declaration, the date announces he doesn't "like to talk for hours on a first date."
* It hasn't lasted long enough to finish a venti Americano.
* The drive home lasts as long as the date.
* Sometime between leaving the food court & getting home, the date has already e-mailed you.
* Not one joke is even attempted.