Monday, November 27

O Christmas Tree

Since it was a sunny day, I headed out with Linds to get our Christmas trees. It was a bit of an adventure because we were doing it all by ourselves this year! Luckily there were some "beastly, bulging men" out there able to help us. We found our Charlie Brown trees in record Worzniak time too.

"That's about a 7 footer"

Back home with our trees.

Friday, November 24

I want to thank you. . .

Each year between dinner and dessert on Thanksgiving, my family reads our Thankful lists. It's an awesome tradition that is guaranteed to make everyone laugh, make me and my grandma cry and a chance to remember things that happened to our family in the past year. Below is my 2006 Thankful list. I have SOOOOO much more that I am thankful for but these are the top of the top:
I am thankful. . .
1. That in 3 years and 1 month I will be a pediatric nurse. And that in 3 years and 2 months I will be in Europe. The countdown is ON!
2. For the Treehouse, my fearless leader Beth, my kids and the darndest things they say every Sunday.
3. That Charla graduated with flying high colors, passed her boards, is now an Oregonian again and that we remained BFF through it all!
4. For my Rolling Hills girls with whom I am always guaranteed to laugh, learn and consume chips and salsa – all in large quantities. I honestly don't know where I would be without each one of you.
5. That Andy was brought to Oregon and has become one of my best friends. And for knowing that if nothing else, laughs are guaranteed.
6. That we don't have to take Christmas pictures anymore!
7. That 20 years ago Dad wasn't chosen as the Teacher In Space and lost in the Challenger tragedy.
8. That Lindsay has her new little "casa" and I am so proud that she is living on her own.
9. For the hour of driving mom around on the jet skis in Catalina because I've never heard her laugh so much in my entire life.
10. For my laptop and that Biatch lets me borrow her internet.
11. That Janie found my New Nut and in typical Toyota fashion, my cutie car takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.
12. Coffee & chocolate - in any shape, form or combination of both.
13. For "Bart my boss" and for getting to experience the enormity of the World Cup, making the moment when the US scored their only goal one of the most exciting sporting moments I've seen in my life.
14. For red sunflowers.
15. That I still have 4 healthy and happy grandparents. (And that I have those genes!!!)
16. For conversations with Papa as together we try to answer some of the hardest and some of the most exciting questions life asks us.
17. That two of my dearest friends - Nicole and Rachel - found their Prince Charmings and that I was able to be a part of their weddings.
18. For the "Mexican" cruise, hottie foreign waiters, chocolate/Mexican/pizza buffets & towel animals and the anticipation of doing it all over again next summer! (And that no one killed each other before we got home.)
19. For my parents who continue to astound me with their endless love and continual sacrifices, more than ever before it seems like. I was not aware I could be loved this much.

Charla and I hovering over our pumpkin pie - fresh out of the oven. (Yes, I'm in my Joey jersey and it was obviously me bringing him good luck as he beat Detroit on Thanksgiving. Go Dolphins!!!)

Monday, November 20

Happy Birthday to You

Sunday was Miss Elisa's birthday so me, Nancy and Shannon kidnapped her for a surprise! She didn't bring her passport, so we had to resort to Plan B - dinner at a very cute restaurant in the O.C. (Oregon City - man, I swore I would never use that phrase!)

From L to R: Nancy, me, Birthday Girl Elisa and Shannon.

After dinner, we went back to Elisa's for cake and presents and it got a little late. . .and well, below is the result of lots. . .well, I wish I could blame it on something but sometimes when you start laughing, you really can't stop.

And just remember folks, these people are all in positions of influence of youth at Rolling Hills. Scary but true!