Saturday, November 29

Come on people! Hop on board!

Laura's 2008 Thankful List

I am thankful. . .

. . .for the profession of nursing, that I beat some serious odds to get into school, for three amazing new friends who I love and that I will never, ever have to take another class with Ed Degrauw for the rest of my life. Ever.

. . .for "baby" Henry being the bright spot in my day, constantly lowering my stress level & blood pressure and for his ability to "talk" constantly.
. . .for the Crack Team of Rejects letting me leave Nike on a high note, for being normal 7 hystericaly funny and talking to me more than all my other departments combined.
. . .for the little things in life that keep me happy: Starbucks, DVR, blinking yellow left turn arrows, coffee, hazelnut creamer, reliable alarm clocks, precious Treehouse kids, Americanos, free movies & CD's from the library, sub-5 hour marathons, fridges that seem to refill themselves with pop, Splenda, Jim Halpert, friends who get better as time marches on & free Nike swag.
. . .that Lindsay's own prophetic statement on January 1st declaing 2008 "the year of love" came true for her and for giving me an awesome future brother-in-law. Who else can I talk about anti-psychotic meds with?
. . .for an extremely fun 10-year high school reunion that surpassed all my expectations by making me feel like only days have passed since graduation.
. . .for my amazing family: a mom and dad who daily continue to up the parenting bar with love and sacrifice the world has never seen, a sister who is guaranteed to make me laugh - especially when she doesn't mean to, 4 spirited grandparents who continue to amaze me in all they do, a fun-filled weekend in the San Juans when our family officially increased by two and the new family I've found in the Smalls who have made me feel like family since day one.
. . .for Jonathan Ian Small. I'm thankful for the greatest friend in the world who got me safely up - and down - Mt. Hood and that God brought the man of my dreams into my reality.
. . .for the best year of my life!!!

Wednesday, November 26

What if Starbucks marketed like the church?

Sunday, November 23

12:30am - 8:30am

Ahhhhhhh. So that's what 8 hours of sleep feels like.

Saturday, November 22



1. the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation
2. a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated
3. the expression or display of glad feeling; festive gaiety.
4. a state of happiness or felicity.

verb (used without object)
5. to feel joy; be glad; rejoice.

Please use it in a sentence:
There is much joy in Laura's heart because she is on vacation for the first time in 6 months and there is much to be thankful for this year.

Joy is INSIDE you. Not in attainment of things desired, nor in the achievement of goals made, but in the simple feeling that lies within you. Know that this JOY is unaffected by outer circumstance, and joy will be yours forever.