Friday, June 23

Girls on the Beach

One of my best friends, Rachel, and I went hiking this weekend at the coast. It was kind of our 'last hurrah!' before she goes off and gets married. Saturday we hiked Saddle Mountain on the way to Seaside. 3 miles up. 3 miles down. At the top we could see Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams. There were NO clouds in sight!!

Rach and I at the official summit with the ocean in the background

Me at the edge of the summit.

Saturday night consisted of brownies, pretzels and Look Who's Talking. If you ever need a definition of the word pathetic, please see Laura and Rachel trying to fall asleep at 8:30pm. Sleeping in an non-air-conditioned room while record high temperatures lingered outside did not make for a fun night.

Here's me on our deck with an awesome view of the Astoria bridge. I slept in my Netherlands shirt for luck but they lost later that day in the World Cup anyway. (Sorry Bart! I tried!)

Sunday was the Fort to Sea trail which was, for the most part, flat as a pancake. Lucky for me because there were certain major muscle groups that were definitely sore. We hiked the trail from Lewis and Clark's winter fort to the ocean seeing some "delights" on the way (deer and frogs to name a few). To the right is a huge amount of lily pads. Below are our "delights." We never actually physically walked on the beach (exhibit B if we're still pursuing the pathetic case from Sat. night.) We did pass Camp Rilea (no sign of men in uniform. Dang it!) and an awesome covered bridge (where the lily pad picture was taken.)