Monday, March 9

Sugarless Day #. . .whatever

So is it weird to say that this no sugar thing is not very hard? Do you why? Because everything has sugar substitute in it!!! I got myself (or more accurately my mom got) some organic raisin bran a la Costco and I don't even need to add Splenda. It comes naturally sweetened!

There are 2 things I really, really miss though:

1. Hazelnut coffee creamer. Milk just doesn't cut it. Half and half is boring. I get to stare at that glorious yellow bottle each time I open the fridge because it's always in the front and always at eye level. A constant reminder that Easter is too far away. . .

2. Fiber One Bars, or "fart bars" as they're called in our house. They're the chocolate chip kind, not the peanut kind that really put your bowels into working overtime. I've come to rely on them for breakfast most days (yes, I know it's the most important meal of the day, but I also know sleeping 8 hours a night is important and neither are possible while I'm school. Just give me until December 21st, ok?) and they are the best on-the-go snacks. I have no on-the-go snacks now. Cheetos aren't great, shelled peanuts are too messy and I've developed a gag reflex to cheesesticks because I'm been cramming those down my pie hole since Ash Wednesday rolled around.

Breakfast has become an alternation between oatmeal (with raisins & splenda. . .brown sugar not allowed) and egg beaters. Boooooring!

Oh, I did have a rather difficult evening last Friday when trying out a new restaurant that I won't endorse but tell you it's where the old Chili's was. Dessert was complimentary and as I watch T.L.O.M.L. (refer to October 2008 posts if this acronym confuses you) and mis padres consume cookies and some kind of volcanic chocolate explosion. I don't remember the name because I think I've blocked it out. Too traumatic. I headed for the restrooms instead. Good thing I did because I feel in love with their faucets and want them in my house!