Thursday, February 26

Sugarless Day #2

Breakfast was a struggle!!!! Did you know there are NO cereals that don't have sugar in them??? Of course, I'm going for refined sugar, but still. . .even Fiber One, seemingly the healthiest one out there (or at least the one who most promises to clean out your bowels) has sugar as its #2 ingredient. I settled on Raisin Bran which had sugar listed further down the list than any other cereal. And then I piled raisins on there because they're SO sweet but NO sugar! They're oh-nat-ur-al.

Lost 2 pounds from yesterday! Well, if this continues, I will cease to exist by Easter! Does it really make that big of a difference? Could be the massive quantities of water that I'm now drinking.

In class I had to pass up Oreos and Oreo balls - the biggest winner from our class' bake sale several weeks back. Oh man. . .that was not fun. I actually sat on my hands and told the girl passing them out to get out of my peripheral vision! :D

The rest of the day wasn't too bad as I was at school or the Memorial Coliseum watching Jon's kids at Wrestling State. I did have a sip or two of Glucose which was pretty good. And since Glucose is already in my body, it was totally OK to drink. Although I was a little nervous about tasting it because I had a horrible experience the first time I drank Glucose during the Eugene Marathon: they didn't dilute it properly and I spent the next 2 miles trying not to throw it up.

Tonight I ate about 8 cuties - you know, those mini-oranges. That wasn't the greatest idea because of the whole being allergic to citric fruit thing, but the need for sweet was so great that I just started eating and couldn't stop. I couldn't even have hot chocolate and it was snowing out for pete's sake!!! It's a cruel, cruel world. Oh wait. I did this to myself. Never mind.


Rachel said...

Way to go Laura,
I tried that one year. It seemed like after about 5 days I didn't crave sweet stuff anymore. But I decided that was a once in a lifetime thing for me. I will remember the not sweet thing next time we meet for girl time :-). I don't want to tempt you.

nicole said...

You can DRINK glucose? I've never heard of this. And can you have sugar-free hazelnut creamer? Thats whats in my fridge right now, without it and some splenda, I couldn't drink coffee, and without coffee, lets be honest, I couldn't be a student. You are so awesome - I am so impressed with your willpower!

Dee said...

"That which does not kill you makes you stronger." This is a famous wrestling adage by Friedrich Nietzsche. ;D

Also, try steel cut oats for breakfast. They have no sugar.
Just carbs.

This WILL get easier. Atta girl!
You can do it!